Pure & Invisible

Type of stone: Natural stone + granite porcelain

Application: Kitchen, bathroom

This project, designed by designer couple Dedi and Yafit Reuveni, is none other than their private home and the location of their office. The inspiration for the choice of materials was derived from the use of different materials in other houses they designed: iron, marble, brass, wood and concrete.

They emphasized three prominent types of marble: the first was INVISIBLE BLUE, which captured Yafit's eyes and heart even before the house was found. It was finally chosen for the design of the kitchen island. Since the island is the central point in the house, it was important for the couple to connect it to the overall design of the house, so the second marble chosen was marble with an ICE porcelain granite combination for kitchen cladding. The third type of marble, "PURE WHITE", as befits its name, is a clean and pure white, chosen for the bathroom cladding in the house.

Interior design: Dedi and Yafit Reuveni

Photography: Elad Gonen

משטח עבודה למטבח מגרניט פורצלן ואי משיש טבעי
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