Wild and dramatic

A unique prestigious apartment project, designed in a manner that reflects the intellectual openness of the art-loving residents, expressed by their choice of special materials. Large areas of the apartment walls are faced in stone or marble.

The bathroom is faced with green natural stone with a wild look, that was executed by book match methods. The walls of the bedroom are faced with marble in a grey shade, that provides a more subdued effect, and the lobby walls are surfaced in black and white granite, that looks nearly like an abstract painting.

The kitchen countertop is made of onyx, in warm colors, with inner lighting that provides a uniquely esthetic effect.

Architect: Mano Shalom

Project management: Ofer Ben-Shoshan

Photography: Oded Smadar

Woodwork: Guy Ofer

Type of stone: Natural stone

Suitable for: Bathroom

Special works: Kitchen

Can be changed in theme settings
Can be changed in theme settings