Wonderful Use of Natural Stone

Type of stone: Natural

Application: Special works

A private, ground-level home, with spectacular use of natural stone, starting from inner areas that are continued and depart the living area to an outdoor area, then continues with massive dividers of granite that stand as structural elements defining the external line of the building. A modern-style building, with a monochromatic toned palette in subdued metallic approach and matte finish. Straight and precise lines providing a drawn, tight look.

The stonework in the project was complex, designed and manufactured in perfect harmony with the architectural requirements. The stones chosen are natural stones. For the outdoor areas, granite was chosen for its high durability. The same granite also appears in the interior.

Architect: Pitsou Kedem

Supervisor: Asaf Lupo

Photography: Amit Giron

Can be changed in theme settings
Can be changed in theme settings

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