Fervital specializes in the production and processing of Caesar Stone and has amassed more than 20 years’ experience in producing top quality products. Caesar Stone’s collection of quartz sheets allows you to design without limitations thanks to the endless possibilities and styles available to choose from.

At Fervital you’ll find a wide selection of Caesar Stone quartz sheets and work surfaces suitable for many different applications including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, cladding and even for use as cupboards and furniture.

With Caesar Stone, you will benefit from our many, different and breathtaking collections. We invite you to see for yourself, all the possibilities, the colors, the textures and the finishes and then choose the stone that will allow you to realize your design dream.

Gallery caesarstone
Gallery caesarstone

Catalog models caesarstone:

 1000  סדרת 2000  סדרת 3000
Series 1000


Series 2000


Series 3000


 סדרת 4000  סדרת 5000  סדרת 6000
Series 4000


Series 5000


Series 6000


 סדרת 7000  סדרת 9000
Series 7000


Series 9000