Our excellent and comprehensive services will assist you throughout your Fervital experience.

Fervital’s services will help and guide you from the start to the very end, down to the smallest of details. Our services include: consultation, design and planning, accurate and tangible simulations, supply, production, execution, installation and responsibility. That means one company that stands by your side throughout all stages of the work.

In most facilities in the market, production of the stone in the plant is separate from the supply process. There are many importers and suppliers of stone as well as many production facilities, large and small. The fact that production and supply are carried out by two different companies could create a wide variety of different problems.

At Fervital, our service is truly comprehensive, from A to Z: we import our own stone, have a large, rich and available stock of raw materials, exclusive production capabilities, a comprehensive service network and we supply you with a guarantee for many years of satisfaction.

Exclusive and tangible simulations: As an integral part of our services, Fervital is the only company in Israel that creates a detailed simulation for you. This is based on photographs of the actual stone you have purchased, down to the level of seams and cuts. Each sheet of stone purchased is photographed and uploaded into the simulation. This provides you with a tangible experience showing precisely what the final result will look like so that you know exactly what to expect.