Fervital imports its own natural, raw materials.

Fervital brings its fine stone and marble from carefully selected quarries  around the world. Even before it arrives in Israel, each sheet of stone is specially processed to improve its quality and durability.

Fervital has a huge stock of more than 200 outstandingly beautiful types of stone and marble. Some are rare and exclusive such as granite, marble, basalt, travertine and more.

Since 2011, Fervital has been the exclusive Israeli agent for ANTOLINI, Italy – the world’s leading producer of marble. ANTOLINI’s stone collections, including many rare and limited series, arrive directly from quarries around the globe and are found exclusively at Fervital.

In addition to natural stone, Fervital also imports sheets of quartz with textures and hues identified by the company as being especially suitable for the Israeli market and contemporary design trends.  All of the company’s quartz sheets comply with international quality standards and are backed by Fervital’s full guarantee.